Nonprofit Organizations

We tailor the offerings shown on our “Services we offer” page and provide additional services to nonprofit organizations. Specifically:  


We advise nonprofit organizations on growth and capacity building, helping them maximize resources to achieve their missions.

Reporting on Financial Statements

We can examine and provide a report on your financial statements in the form of a Compilation, Review or Audit.


  • Compilation – provides no assurance but indicates that a CPA has looked at the financials and did not note any issues. 
  • Review – provides limited assurance that your financial statements are materially accurate. 
  •  Audit – provides assurance through our confirmations with outside parties, tests of transactions, physical inspections and observations and consideration of your internal controls that your financial statements are materially accurate. If you received support and revenues of $750,000 or more in a year, the State of Minnesota requires an annual audit.
  •  Note that in Minnesota, if your support and revenues total $25,000 or more in a year and you file a 990-N, 990-EZ or 990-PF, your annual report to the attorney general must include financial information prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, including a statement of functional expenses.

Even if not required by regulatory agencies, being able to present financial statements that have been compiled, reviewed or audited by a CPA can provide comfort to your donors. Please include us the next time you send an RFP for these types of services.


Accounting Assistance

We can assist with your accounting remotely, using tools such as QuickBooks online or by other means such as TeamViewer, if your books are kept on a local computer. Either we enter your transactions and prepare financial statements under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or we adjust your already-entered data toward the same result. Whichever way, you maintain full access to and control over your books. If you are unable to retain in-house accounting staff or if you just want “another set of eyes”, we can help.


Controller and CFO Services

If you’re looking for more professional financial management expertise, we offer those services as well and will gear them toward the needs of nonprofit organizations.


IRS Reporting

We can prepare a fully-compliant form 990 or 990EZ. In addition to being a legal requirement for organizations with $50,000 or more in annual gross receipts, showing that you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed on this publicly-available document offers assurance to potential donor


Franchisees can often use advice about maximizing the growth and profitability of their businesses. And, franchisors require accurate numbers be reported to them. We can do both.

Below is a partial listing of franchises we have worked with in various capacities:


· Ace Hardware

· Domino’s

· Fastsigns

· Visiting Angels

· Green Home Solutions

· Mr. Handyman

· Minuteman Press

· Mosquito Terminators

· Remax

· Merry Maids

· Sheraton Hotels

· AmericInn

· Regis Salons

Real Estate

We can help you navigate the complex tax and regulatory environment around real estate investments, maximizing growth and profitability. 

Our real estate services include:

· Tax preparation and planning

· Accounting

· Cost segregation

· Cost certification

· Audit services, including HUD- and MHFA-financed projects